About us

The Institute for Marketing and Social Surveys was founded in 1991. Since then, it has accumulated ample experience in marketing and social surveys.

The Institute has realized many projects for the needs of various Bulgarian and foreign clients: The World Bank, The Central European Research Group Foundation (CEORG), DHL International, Glaxo&SmithKline, Abbot Laboratories, Astra Zeneca, Les Laboratoires SERVIER Ogilvy&Mather, USAID, UNDP, Monsanto, Mobikom, Bulgartabac Holding, ProSoft; Orgachim, Omax Trading, Bulgarian National Bank, State Agency for Youth and Sport, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Healthcare, the Ministry of Youth and Sport, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the Ministry of Defence, the Open Society Foundation, the Salvation Foundation and many others. Due to our integrity, MBMD has become a partner on behalf of Bulgaria to some of the world’s leading research chains – Research International UK, Millward Brown UK, Produce Studies Group UK, Exmarket&Associates International, Valid Research Germany and many others. МВMD is a member of the international organization for public opinion and marketing research E.S.O.M.A.R., of the Bulgarian Association of Marketing Researchers and The Bulgarian Association of Sociology. In its work, the Institute adheres to the strict standards of good practice and quality, provided by the code of  E.S.O.M.A.R.

The Institute applies both qualitative and quantitative methods in its work. In implementing the projects we conduct national, regional and business representative surveys.

Today the Head office employs experts and has its own independent network of 470 well-trained interviewers, supervisors and controllers. The network has been built up on a regional principle and is managed by 28 regional supervisors who organize and coordinate the interviewers’ activities. New interviewers join the network after selection and special training. Strict control is exercised upon the quality and authenticity of the interviewers’ activities.

The analytic team has gained wide research experience, which allows it not only to ascertain facts, but also to predict accurately the actual development of social and economic phenomena and processes. When necessary other external specialists and experts are employed. The analysts are well-known experts with interdisciplinary knowledge in sociology, economics, marketing and statistics.



Docent Dr. Miroslava Radeva, Director



  Petar Jivkov, Deputy Director, Statistician




                                                                   Andriana Slavova,
  Political Scientist


Valya Hristova,





Yulia Grigorova,

Diana Samuilova,



07                                                           08

Ventsislav Ivanov,                                                                     Yordanka Georgieva,
Data Processor                                                                            Accountant